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Dated: 12/04/2019

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I'm not one to promote another company's listing but this is one that I think you have to see.  Another local brokerage is creating quite the 'buzz' around town with some....interesting listing photos.

I caught the story on the local news and it definitely grabbed my attention, just as it was intended to do.  According to the owner of the condominium for sale in Birmingham, he loves all the media attention this is getting due to some racy photos.  

The listing and the photos can be seen here:

I personally do not endorse these type photos, nor would I ever suggest or solicit these types of listing photos for any of my clients.  But if this is what my client truly wanted, I would do it (as any agent who is representing their client should).  I have more of a traditionalist personality when it comes to listing photos but we can obviously see that this agent does not.  I personally love photos that show off the beauty of the home through natural light, finishes, and details that really set homes apart from one another.  When I look at this agent's listing, all I see is distraction.  I do have to admire the "out of the box" idea this agent has in a world of numerous agents trying to set themselves apart from the next but I'm thinking there might be alternative ways to do that other than some racy listing photos.  Nonetheless it's creating a buzz in the local market and that's just what they are looking for. 

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