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7 Creative Buy and Hold Investment Property Loan Ideas

Buy and hold real estate may be the best investment around. But unfortunately, like all good things, there's always a catch. Buying investment properties and holding them requires money, and if you

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5 Negotiating Tactics That Kill A Sale

Negotiation is a subtle art in real estate, but skilled negotiators can usually find some common ground that satisfies all parties. On the other hand, using the wrong negotiation tactics can sink a

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Baby Got Back(yard)! Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Now that stay-at-home orders have been relaxed, the backyard—which may have been used infrequently recently—has regained primacy as a home feature. So, baby, if you got back(yard), use!

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Creating A Killer Home Bar Setup

A well put together home bar is a great addition for homeowners who enjoy entertaining. When you start stocking up, it’s important to keep in mind that you want good quality items, but you don

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