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Fresh Paint, Air Fresheners Among Red Flags for Buyers

When house hunters walk into a home, they’re wanting to know if it’s been well maintained, and they’re carefully scrutinizing a home for clues of that. “Corroded air

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Bring Some R&R Into Your Home

Your home is your oasis. A place to kick back and relax from your day. So, why not invest in some items that can boost the zen in your home? Check out the tips below to help you achieve ultimate

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What Real Estate Has to Be Grateful For in 2020

The housing market has emerged as an economic bright spot. While the nation continues to feel the widespread effects from 2020’s turmoil, here are a few things the real estate

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Why Buying Is Tougher for Millennials Than Their Elders

The homeownership rate for millennials is 8 percentage points lower than for Gen Xers and baby boomers when they were millennials’ ages, according to the Urban Institute’s &ldquo

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